Welcome Ceremony



Friday was the official welcome ceremony for the 16th year of the Brookline China exchange programs arrival in Xi’an.  Each of the Brookline students gave a speech (in Chinese) as did several students and administrators from the Gao Xin No. 1 High School.  After the speeches many Gao Xin students preformed, singing Chinese opera, dancing and playing the zither.   Finishing the ceremony with a dance performed by the Brookline students. If you would like to see the dance use this link: Dance video

After a full month in China and over two full weeks in school we are happy to be formally welcomed.  We are all having a wonderful time and learning so much from our time here.  We are excited for what the next several months have in store for us as we explore our new home and school.



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  1. rdcrask says:

    Really enjoy all your posts !

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Dear Ms. Leslie and Students,
    I was glad to hear from Ms. Leslie that you are seeing so many amazing sites and having such a wonderful experience. My first grade students can’t go to China just yet, though I hope they will be able to some day. In the meantime, I they will be able to learn about China through your eyes.
    Mr. Norwood
    First Grade
    Lawrence School


  3. Joanne Silva-Njoku says:

    You all look wonderful. Great coordinated dance. Like the red. Best Wishes always.


  4. Joyce Silva says:

    Hi Watson Great Picture Miss You Grandma Silva


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