The Terracotta Warriors


IMG_0188A few weeks ago we went to visit the Terracotta Warriors which is the most famous site in our home town of Xi’an (actually about an hour drive out of the city center).  I was the person who forgot to charge my camera, so after the group photo it died.  Thank you to Kat for the photo assist for our post, sorry for the delay of some photos.

A quick background for those of you who are not familiar.  The Terracotta Warriors are part of a giant tomb built to guard the emperor in the after life.  There are 3 pits, all with different warriors.  The pits were built over 2,000 years ago but were only discovered around 40 years when some farmers drilling a well found them.  The pits were built underground with wooden beams.  Over the years the beams rotted and the roofs collapsed in.  This crushed the clay warriors.  The warriors are a giant excavation puzzle.  Pit 1 is the most excavated and reconstructed.  The photo below is the back section of pit 1 for warriors they are currently excavating and piecing together.  Pit 2 they are just starting to excavate so there weren’t any pictures from there.DSCN0427


Both above and below are picture of pit one which is the largest pit.  The scope is amazing.  Each warrior and horse was handmade from clay.  They all have unique faces.  Pit 1 is all the battle warriors in the army.DSCN0405

Below is a photo of pit 3.  Pit 3 was the high officials of the Terracotta army.



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